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City of Ottawa Gym Discount

How to Claim Your Discounted Gym Membership as a PSAC-NCR Member

 (from Sep 1 2018 – Aug 31 2019)

PSAC-NCR is now part of the Corporate and Group Fitness Membership Program. As a PSAC member, you are entitled to 20% off select memberships (and your family)! We chose the city not only because it offers great prices for our members, and also because we support public and unionized services. 

The membership entitled you and your family the following discount options:

-All-Inclusive Membership 

-Or a One Option membership for use at any one of our 23 fitness locations across the City.

The following amenities are included in the All-Inclusive Membership* and for the One Option Membership, you may choose from one of the following:


Weight and Cardio Room

Group Fitness

Squash and Racquetball

Indoor Cycling         

Wave swims and public skating are included in the All-Inclusive Membership only.

Please note that all membership fees are based on CLASS A, 1 year, membership rates and provides access to all 23 fitness facilities. CLASS A facilities typically have more amenities than CLASS B facilities.



How do I get my membership? 


  1. Go to a city of Ottawa recreation facility


  1. Present ONEof the following documents at the time of purchase proving your employment:

        - Company ID (where full name, picture and company name is listed) OR Recent Paystub ORLetter of Employment(please contact PSAC -NCR for this letter template) 


3. Present agovernment issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport will be accepted)

Additional Points of Interest for Your Membership, for the purpose of full disclosure, please note the following:

-This membership cannot be placed on hold or extended. A refund will be granted and prorated from the date of request, to the date of expiry, less a $15.00 administration fee.

-This membership discount option is not available for use with other discounts.

-Contract terms start the date of signing until August 31.

-Annual renewal of the contract is required. Membership term runs Sep 1 – August 31.

-The discount may be extended to immediate family members where the employee or group member also purchases a Corporate Membership.

-Children 12 and under are not permitted in the Weight and Cardio rooms. Where a membership class (Group Fitness, Indoor Cycling and/or Aquafitness) is deemed “family” or “children” appropriate, children 12 and under may participate.

-Youth 13-15 may access the membership classes without guardian supervision once a mandatory tour has been provided. In addition, access to the weight and cardio room will be available once a mandatory orientation has been completed.

-Payment options to the city are flexible and will allow for the purchase of the membership to be made in whole or in part, through automated monthly payments when the term of the membership is no less than 15 days from the expiry date.

Facilities are separated by amenity classification CLASS A and CLASS B. Not all facilities offer the same amenities.

CLASS A Facilities

Bob MacQuarrie Recreation complex- Orleans (1490 Youville Drive). 

Francois Dupuis Recreation Centre (2263 Portobello Blvd.). 

Goulburn Recreation Complex (1500 Shea Road)

Kanata Leisure Center (70 Aird Place).

Minto Recreation Complex – Barrhaven (3500 Cambrian Drive) 

Nepean Sportsplex (1701 Woodroffe Ave)

Plant Recreation Complex (930 Somerset Street)

Ray Friel Recreation Complex (1585 Tenth Line Road)

Richcraft Recreation Complex - Kanata (4101 Innovation Drive) 

St-Laurent Complex (525 Cote Street)

Walter Baker Sports Center (100 Malvern Drive)


CLASS B Facilities

Facilities which have pools but not necessarily fitness facilities:

Brewer Pool (100 Brewer Way)

Canterbury Recreation Complex (2185 Arch Street) Champagne Pool (321 King Edward Avenue)

Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool (1300 Kitchener Avenue) Jack Purcell Pool (320 Jack Purcell lane)

Lowertown Pool (40 Coburg Avenue)

Sawmill Creek Pool (3380 D'Aoust Road)

Pinecrest Recreation Complex (2250 Torquay Avenue) Splash Wave Pool (2040 Ogilvie Road)

Fitness facilities (without pool):

Heron Road Community Center (1480 Heron Road)

Hunt Club-Riverside Community Centre (3320 Paul Anka Dr) Greenboro Community Centre (363 Lorry Greenberg Dr)


For more information, visit the city’s website or contact: mailto:corporatememberships@ottawa.ca


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