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Current Courses - Winter

It’s time to mark all of the NCR's education courses on your calendar.

We are currently in the 2019 Winter Semester of the Education Program. Our events page contains a list of our upcoming courses. This list includes any current specialty/advanced course that would also be viewable on our advanced training page. We also have a printable semester schedule.  We prepare semester schedules for winter (January to April), spring (May and June) and fall (September to December).   Our core program includes: Talking Union Basics (TUB), Grievance Handling, Local Officer, Health and Safety, and Human Rights related education. Here are the current course descriptions.

Our education program is free of charge. Don’t forget that if you are a PSAC member working with TB, Parks, CFIA and SSHRC, you are entitled to the new union leave with pay (or reimbursement) for courses offered during a day of work, and an allowance for courses offered on a day of rest.