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Who can attend?

All members in good standing can apply to attend a union course.  For advanced courses, you must obtain a recommendation from your Local or your Component or from a PSAC-NCR Regional Council Executive member. 

What can I expect from a PSAC course? 

We use teaching methods that are participatory, transformative, which promote inclusion, encourage reflection and dialogue, and include a mix of techniques to respond to various learning styles.  Our courses are participant centered. 

When are courses offered?

Most of our core courses are offered on Friday and Saturday.  We also offer evening seminars and occasionally offer courses during weekdays. 

Do I have to pay to attend? 

No.  In fact, we reimburse your expenses. 

What are the expenses that are reimbursed?

- Salary

  • Loss of salary or annual/vacation leave you have incurred in order to attend the course (schedule needed if different than 37.5 hrs). 

  • Members at Treasury Board are encouraged to use the new Collective Agreement provisions for Union Leave with Pay

  • Members at Canadian Food Inspection Agency are encouraged to use the new Collective Agreement provisions for Union Leave with Pay

  • Members at Parks Canada are encouraged to use the new Collective Agreement provisions for Union Leave with Pay

- Weekday courses: meal, parking and travel costs

  • For courses presented on a week day, we pay: a lunch per diem (or provide lunch) and parking expenses.

  • In addition, if course location is more than 40 km from your workplace, travel costs. 

- Weekend courses: meal, parking and travel costs

  • If you reside 40 km or less from the course location, a $50 allowance is provided to cover meal, parking and transportation.

  • If you reside more than 40 km from the course location, you will be reimbursed parking, the lunch per diem and travel expenses. 

- Family care

  • Members who have to pay for additional family care costs in order to be able to attend our education activities are reimbursed these additional expenses in accordance with the PSAC Family Care Policy.

Where are the courses held?  

They often take place at our PSAC Regional Offices.  The confirmation letter provides course location details.

French courses are usually offered at our Gatineau Regional Office: 

Place du Centre, 200 Promenade du Portage, Suite 310 Gatineau
Tel: (819) 777-4647 / Fax: (819) 777-9407 / Email: educ-gat@psac-afpc.com  

English courses are usually offered at our Ottawa Regional Office. Please note the new location:

233 Gilmour, 6th floor, Pat McGrath Boardroom, Ottawa 
Tel: (613) 560-2560 / Fax: (613) 234-6209 / Email: educ-ott@psac-afpc.com

Is there public transportation available?

  • Many OC Transpo and STO lines are available to reach Place du Centre in Gatineau or the Ottawa Regional Office.
  • Visit the OC Transpo or the STO websites to find the most appropriate route.

And what about parking?

At the Gatineau Regional Office, public parking is available (credit card payment) on weekdays and weekends.
On Saturdays, and after 5:00 pm on weekdays, free parking is sometimes available in neighbouring streets; please verify city regulations and signage first.
At the Ottawa Regional Office, parking on weekdays might be available on the PSAC parking lot (first come, first served) or at nearby parking lots (credit card payment). Please click on this link for a map of nearby parking lots.
On Saturdays and after 5:00 pm on weekdays, parking is free on the PSAC parking lot (first come, first served).

What should I do if I have to cancel?

  • If you are a CFIA or a Treasury Board employee and have claimed a union leave, please read the following:
    • “Illness or other unforeseen circumstances may prevent a member from attending a union event. Members who are unable to participate in part or all of the event are personally responsible for modifying their related leave request in their Leave Management System. The Leave Management System must reflect the actual union leave used by the member in order to ensure the accuracy of the loss of salary invoiced to Public Service Alliance of Canada. The leave recorded in the Leave Management System should only reflect the actual amount of leave required to attend the union event.”
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