2020 PSAC NCR Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members

February 28, 2020 to March 1, 2020
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Delta Hotels, 101 Lyon Street North, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2 (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
January 31, 2020


We are pleased to present the 2020 PSAC Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members, which will be held February 28 - 9:00 am  to March 1 - Noon, under the theme “Building Our Power for Change: Equity for All”.

We encourage you to personally inform PSAC racially visible members in your Region to ensure they are made aware of this conference. Bulletin boards may not always be accessible and additional outreach is very important.

The registration form via the link above is also available upon request in alternative format through the PSAC Regional Office by contacting us at psac-ncr-afpc-rcn@psac-afpc.com.


The objectives of the 2020 PSAC Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members are to:

Work together: Developing strategies to work across locals, and components to build coalitions and networks for advocacy.

Increasing membership engagement: Broaden the base of activists by recruiting, training and mobilizing new and less engaged racialized members, such as young workers and those from equity seeking groups, in political action, campaigning, bargaining, representation and generally, advocating for workers’ and human rights;

Taking effective political action: Identify political priorities for PSAC racialized members and empowering them to advance our goals and;

Contribute to the development of a policy to address systemic racism.



PSAC NCR members in good standing and who self-identify as racially visible may apply to be a delegate to this Conference.  Priority will be given to members who are active on racialized workers’ rights in their union or workplace. Priority will also be given to community activist on Racially Visible issues. The selection of delegates will take into account representation such as Component, language, youth, gender and other equity groups.

Delegates will be entitled to full voice during the conference.

Funding for Delegates:

Delegate costs to the 2020 PSAC National Conference for Racially Visible Members will be fully covered as per the PSAC Travel Directive.  Costs covered are as follows:

  • Loss of salary;
  • Child care as per the Family Care Policy;
  • Parking on site;
  • Costs related to accessibility requirements.

This event is not in residence. Participants are expected to return home at the end of each day and return the next morning.


If you are selected as a delegate to this conference, you will be advised by email and/or telephone prior to the event. Deadline to apply has been extended to Friday January 31, 2020.

For further information or assistance:

  • Call 613-560-2560.  Leave a detailed message so that someone can get back to you.

  • You may also contact Nairra Tariq by email at tariqn@psac-afpc.com

  • The fax number is (613) 234-6209.

We look forward to the upcoming regional conference.  This conference is an opportunity for our members to continue the important work of maintaining and improving the activism of the Union in the struggle to improve the human rights and working conditions of all PSAC members.

Please consult this web page periodically as updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

Thank you for your interest and support.