Registration for 2019 Union School - Part II - BILINGUAL (ORO)*

Registration for 2019 Union School - Part II - October 3 to 6, 2019

Deadline to apply is September 7, 2019.


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Workshop Selection
Option 1 - Local Officer Advanced Training
The Local Officer Advanced Training (LOAT) is a four-day advanced course for Local Officers (Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers or Secretaries) who wishes to develop their knowledge, their skills and confidence to ensure effective union leadership in the workplace. At the end of training, members will be able to explain what is happening in our workplaces and the interests that are behind these changes; carry out an assessment of the Local; better understand the labour management relations in the workplace in order to promote and protect the rights of members; have conversations on important issues for our workplaces and our members; implement strategies to increase member participation in the life of their union; identify the work of the Local Executive and the Local; better understand the sections of our union and how and why locals should establish relationships with them, and; feel able to initiate the desired change in our workplaces and our union. To be selected for the Local Officer Advanced Training, members must currently be an officer of their Local and must have attended the Talking Union Basics course. In addition, preference will be given to members who have attended the New Local Officers’ Conference or the Separate Employer’s Conference over the last three years.
Union Experience as an Officer
Option 2 - Advanced Representation Training for Stewards
The PSAC Advanced Representation Training for Stewards is a four-day, advanced course, with a focus on representation. You will look at various routes for engaging members in helping them to resolve workplace issues. You will deepen your knowledge of the processes and legal framework of grievance handling and what is needed from you to support the PSAC’s representation of members at all levels of the grievance process, up to arbitration/adjudication. Using case studies based on grievances that have been to arbitration, you will practice steps in the grievance process including; interviewing a member, fact-finding, meeting with management for initial problem-solving, drafting a grievance, preparing for a grievance hearing and representing a member at a grievance hearing. Pre-requisites for the PSAC Advanced Representation Training for Stewards are the PSAC Talking Union Basics course, the PSAC Grievance Handling course and experience representing members with management. In addition, members must currently be a Steward in their Local.
Union experience as a steward
Option 3 - Activists' School
The Activists' School is intended for union activists (both seasoned and new) and community leaders who are members of the PSAC in the NCR, who are eager to deepen their activism in the union; foster ties with community groups and support a new generation of union activists.The school will offer training in mobilisation, labour history, economy and political action in order to sharpen workplace communication and union building skills, strengthen analytical, networking and social justice skills, to connect the dots between current societal issues and union activism and to take political activism to the next level. To be selected for the Activists’ School, members must accept to undertake a post-school project to support union campaigns or to be involved in the next federal elections. In addition, preference will be given to members who are currently members, or who have been members of the Ottawa Area Council (OAC) or the Conseil regional d’action politique de l’Outaouais (CRAPO), or are actively involved in community organizations.
Childcare and Restrictions
If you are a member with allergies or childcare needs, please check off all that apply and provide any additional information in the field provided.


Please tell us if your plans change and you are no longer able to attend this course. Members who are on standby will be given an opportunity to take your seat.

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