Registration Form for 2020 NCR Racially Visible Members' Regional Conference

Building Our Power for Change:  Equity for All!


The primary objective of the workshops is to examine and discuss issues confronting PSAC equity members.  The workshops will also develop the union’s agenda, including various strategies in regards to the issues being discussed.  Participants will be encouraged to share with the group their particular experiences and knowledge.

  1. Session on Systemic Racism 
    This workshop is designed gather input to develop a policy to address systemic racism including identifying systemic racism in different forms; and ways to address it through the workplace, our union and our communities.
  2. Workshop on Building Our Power for Change
    This workshop will focus on ways to better engage and empower racialized activists at all levels of the union. Participants will be invited to identify political priorities and develop strategies to mobilize racialized PSAC members to advocate for these issues through different structures in the union (e.g. political action and campaigns, bargaining, regional and workplace committees, representation, etc.).
  3. ​ Regional Workshop - Role of Intersectionality when Engaging Members 
    This workshop examines the role of intersectionality in engaging our members. Members will learn to identify the barriers to the advancement of racialized people and strategies to overcome them in the workplace and union. Some of the topics being explored in this context include anti-black racism, islamophobia, implicit bias and allyship with community groups fighting these forms of discrimination. Together we will be converting our frustration and anger to action through strategic planning and mobilization.

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Only members in good standing who self-identify as racially visible can attend this conference.  For further clarification of racially visible groups, please see “Optional Equity Group  Self-Identification” near the end of the registration form.

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