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Bank of Canada

PSAC’s collective agreement with the Bank of Canada for Local 71250 expired in December 2016 and PSAC served the Bank with a Notice to Bargain on December 15, 2016. The first bargaining session was held on September 12-14 in Ottawa and each party exchanged its bargaining demands. Regrettably, the Bank of Canada’s proposal includes mostly concessions, which are unacceptable to PSAC.

Although the Bank’s management was warned at the first bargaining session not to change working conditions (e.g., schedules) during the negotiations process without consultation with PSAC, it has nevertheless unilaterally imposed changes. PSAC is currently considering filing an Unfair Labour Practice complaint to stop this violation of the collective bargaining process.

In January 2018, PSAC decided to file for conciliation.

The latest reference documents, including bargaining proposals from PSAC as well as the Bank, are available below.