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We all have a role to play in ensuring our workplaces are supportive of everyone. Many people who are trans (have a gender identity that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth) and/or non-binary (do not identify with a binary gender of man or woman) experience harassment, discrimination and exclusion in the workplace.

Please see our guide and tips for trans-inclusive workplaces. 

Member Profile (November 2018)

Jim Prowse, recently retired union activist, National Gallery of Canada

“I joined PSAC when I started at the gallery in 1992. I worked in a variety of technical areas, including lighting, packing, and installing artwork, both at the gallery and across the country as a Travelling Technician.

Election to Alternate REVP-NCR position

PSAC is conducting an election for a new Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President for the NCR.

The following nominations for the position of PSAC Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President, NCR were received by the deadline of November 15, 2018. PSAC has verified these nominations to ensure that they are in good order.

The declared candidates are (listed in order of the receipt of their nomination):

1.            Alex Silas

Members Weigh in on PSAC’s Proposal to Treasury Board for a 3.75% Wage Increase


Greg McGillis, REVP for the PSAC-NCR:

"This is a reasonable demand for public servants who have waited too long, suffered courageously and still face uncertainty. No amount could make up for the negligence of the employer in implementing Phoenix. But a fair wage package is a start toward healing and the acknowledgement.”


What a 3.75% wage increase would mean to me…