2018 Ontario Elections: Take Action!


This June, we have an important decision to make. We could win:

  • expanded pharmacare and dental care programs;
  • a free (or low-cost) provincial child care plan; and
  • a higher minimum wage

Or we could lose with Doug Ford, who will:

  • freeze the minimum wage, even as thousands of full-time workers continue to live in poverty
  • give big corporations a tax cut, even though Ontario’s corporate tax rate is already the lowest in Canada
  • get rid of the carbon tax, thereby losing the revenue it generates to pay for important public services

Moreover, the Toronto Star has referred to Ford’s election claims as “mathematically-challenged” (18 April 2018) while the Globe & Mail, which has a long history of endorsing conservative candidates, observed that Ford has “displayed little in the way of in-depth knowledge of the issues.” (15 March 2018). It doesn’t have to be this way. As public service workers, we know quality public services make for a healthier, wealthier, and more just province.

Take Action: Attend candidate debates

Please attend candidate debates so that our future representatives know that we want to see expanded public services and better working standards in Ontario. To that end, take a look at the list of events and please attend whichever events you’re able to. And here are resources on our key issues of concern for this election:

We also have an online reporting form, so that you can let us know what candidates say in response to your questions at events. This will help us track how each party’s messages and commitments evolve. You can even fill out the form on your phone right at the event.

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