Basic Courses

Advocating and Representing Against Workplace Racism

Participants will examine how to identify workplace racial discrimination and to advocate and represent when dealing with these situations; how to support racialized members and Indigenous members who are victims of racism and identify appropriate means of resolving workplace racial discrimination. Members should have some knowledge of grievance representation or human rights advocacy. (Two day course)

Bullying Prevention

Bullying is an increasing problem at workplaces across the country. Dealing with workplace bullying is a complex issue and can’t be fully addressed in a 1-day workshop. However, in this time frame participants should be able to get some clarity about the problem, possible solutions, and understand the union’s role in addressing workplace bullying. (One day course)

Caring for Labour Activists

Members will examine the role of activism in their lives and explore the particular challenges of activism. Members will discuss how to balance activism with other areas of their life and share how activists can support one another. (One day course)

Duty to Accommodate, Basic

This course will examine what is the duty to accommodate and examine the roles of employers, unions and individuals in implementing accommodation measures. You will spend time reviewing the legal and collective agreement provisions that support accommodation, examine accommodation strategies and identify ways of supporting the duty to accommodate. (Two day course)

Effective Union Communications

This gathering will focus on the communications skills and knowledge needed to engage members; speak in public; influence others; rally support for current unions or social justice campaigns; foster collaboration and make effective use of social media. Space will be limited to 60 participants. (Three day course)

Employment Equity

This course will provide participants with an overview of Employment Equity, what it is and its purpose, the legislation involved and the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the workplace. Together we will look at why we need employment equity and its benefits, examine some of the myths surrounding this issue and look at the process for consultation and collaboration between the union and the employer. We will gain new skills and tools for promoting and coordinating Employment Equity/Human Rights issues within our union, our workplaces and the larger labour movement. (Two day course)

Grievance Handling

Attention all stewards! (Or members who are thinking of becoming one…). This course will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in effectively handling grievances at the workplace. You will spend time on the technical aspects of grievance handling such as identifying, investigating, drafting, and presenting grievances. Members must have the TUB or equivalent union experience. (Two day course)

Harassment Affects Us All

Participants will examine the causes of harassment, explore workplace behaviours which are harassing and develop skills to recognize harassment in the workplace. Participants will also examine the impact of workplace harassment and explore ways to take action, either individually or collectively to deal with workplace harassment. (Two day course)

Health and Safety, Basic

Participants will examine why workplace health and safety is a union issue and explore the historical efforts made by unions for healthy and safe workplaces. Members will also be able to familiarize themselves with union perspectives on healthy and safe workplaces, with the internal responsibility system and increase their knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers. (Two day course)

Health and Safety Committee Member Training

This course is geared specifically for PSAC members appointed to workplace health & safety committees or who are workplace safety and health representatives under Part II of the Canada Labour Code. Members will explore how they can reduce and eliminate workplace hazards and learn about the committee functions and roles. (Two day course)

Intervening in Racist Attacks

Allies will learn to counteract the bystander effect and will learn safe and effective ways of discouraging and stopping these acts. We will learn to intervene, record and report these incidents. We will also learn ways of supporting victims of racist assaults. We will use role plays to prepare for various situations. This course is for non-racialized members. (One day course)

Mobilization 101

Participants will learn specific information about the challenges facing PSAC members and prepare to engage them in conversations to stand together in solidarity with the Union’s efforts. (One day course)

Our Communities, Our Union, Our Rights: An Introduction to the PSAC for Indigenous Members

This course is an introduction to the PSAC specifically for Indigenous members. It will help these members better understand how their union works and the tools they need to advance their issues within PSAC. (Two day course)

PSAC Convention Prepration

This course focuses on some basics of how convention works, writing and supporting resolutions, and how delegates and observers get to convention. (One day course)

PSAC Convention Procedures

This training is for members who are delegates at the NCR Regional Triennial Convention or at the PSAC Triennial Convention. It will focus on the what, why and how of conventions. Members will explore the convention procedures and increase their familiarity with rules of order used at conventions. It incorporates a mock convention so that participants can experience the politics and debate that takes place at convention. (Two day course)

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

This course is reserved for stewards, members of Health and Safety Committees and of Local Executive. To provide information and better enforcement tools to PSAC Locals, and Health and Safety Committees on the Canada Labour Code Part II requirements on violence prevention as well as its applicable regulations. (Two day course)

Retirement Planning with CLC & CURC

Are you thinking of retiring in the next 10 years? If so, this course is a must for you. Can you afford to retire? Are you concerned about health issues? Wonder what you will do with your free time? Do you wonder how leaving your workplace will affect your family and friends? This course is presented by retirees who have tackled those questions and a lot more in their lives. (Two day course)

Talking Union Basics

The TUB is the “cornerstone” of our PSAC Education Program and a prerequisite for most of our other courses. This two-day course will introduce you to the PSAC, its structure, how to become involved and the fundamentals of trade union action. Emphasis is put on members’ rights in the workplace and in the union; on understanding and using the collective agreement and on union mechanisms to obtain and protect rights. The virtual version of the TUB will cover the same topics but will be offered in two formats: the seven modules spread over three weeks or over three days.

Understanding and Interpreting the Collective Agreement

This course will help members better understand what a collective agreement is and what it contains. We examine some of the key provisions and examine how to interpret these. We will apply the collective agreement to real situations in the workplace by using cases that have been subject to arbitration. This course demystifies the collective agreement and gives you the basic skills necessary to enforce your agreement in your workplace. (Two day course)