The Case for ending the privatization of DND services: Webinar

PSAC and UNDE have teamed up to publish a report on privatization on Canadian bases entitled “Uncover the Costs

When governments contract out public sector work to private companies, profits take priority over services, and everyone, except the corporate shareholders, ends up paying the price.

Instead of providing the budget to hire an adequate number of employees, the Department of National Defence skimps on staffing budgets, forcing Base Commanders to contract out while knowing that it will cost more money to provide less service. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in this shell game, with substantial profits going to private corporations in Canada, and across the globe.

We are inviting you to a webinar about the campaign on Thursday November 19, at 5:30. We will be discussing the report and actions members can take to raise awareness of the dangers of subcontracting and privatization.

  • PSAC National President Chris Aylward
  • UNDE Component President June Winger
  • REVP for the NCR Alex Silas
  • Michele Girash, National Campaigns Officer at PSAC

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