Communications Committee Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2011

Communication Committee
January 17th, 2011


Attendance: D Charron, M Fitzpatrick, S Cousins, J Boyce, J Marengère, K Clavette, C Laguerre


K Clavette gave a presentation on what the new design that the PSAC-NCR webpage may want to adopt. The PSAC-BC website was used as an example.

New website should be launched in the Spring 2011. The PSAC mandared that all regions websites be updated and modernized. There will be minor differences but all the sites will be very similar.

Discussion ongoing as to sho will have permissions as to what will be posted.

The new website will be bilingual at all levels. It will also be user friendly for people with disabilities.

NCR Communication Plan


  • to provide NCR Council with ongoing recommendations that promote good communication within the region.

  • To promote the understanding that all PSAC members in the NCR have the right to communicate in English or/and French

Updated the NRC Council Communications Plan which D Charron provided. D. Charron will type up the changes and provide the new version.