Duty to Accommodate – telework – English Course

December 13th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm


Telework has become a reality for a lot of us who have never teleworked before. As we are working from home what are the Employer’s obligations for a safe workspace? Are those obligations different if we (employees) choose to work from home? Do we as employees have any obligations? Join us as we explore the new reality and the complexities of continuing to work from home. 

Who is this workshop for?  
This workshop is open to all PSAC members.  

Time commitment 
The virtual workshop is offered during the evening and will last approximately 90 minutes.  

This course aims to enable participants to: 

  • Learn about the new reality of teleworking
  • Find similarities and differences between working in the office and working at home
  • Look at the employer’s obligation to accommodate employees who are teleworking
  • Find what are the recourses if the employer fails to provide a sage workplace while teleworking.
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