2023 Progress Summit – Broadbent Institute

March 8-10

The Broadbent Institute is holding its annual Progress Summit from March 8 to 10, in person at the Delta Hotel in Ottawa.

This year, the Summit will look at these two questions: How can we meet the challenge posed by the populist right, who are speaking directly to working Canadians’ worries and fears? And how can we forge the solidarity between political parties, between organizations and between individual working people to make that vision a reality?

What happens at the Progress Summit? 

Featuring compelling speakers and big ideas from cutting-edge movements from around the world, the Summit is a wonderful place to meet your favourite speaker and make lasting connections with other participants. Our team ensures our Summit programs and spaces are seeding grounds for stronger understanding and solidarity across the wide range of movements that show up.

Restrictions due to COVID-19

The organizers are monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Ottawa and across the country and will share all updates that might affect this year’s Progress Summit. We are taking a number of precautions to keep everyone safe during the event.

The PSAC-NCR Education Program is sponsoring FIVE members:

  • We will pay the registration fee ONLY for members who are selected. Lunches are included in the registration fee.  Selected participants must obtain funding from other sources for salary, transportation and other costs.
  • Interested members must complete the questionnaire below. Please submit your form by February 22.
  • Preference will be accorded to members in good standing who have demonstrated their commitment and who are actively engaged in the work of their union.  

To learn more about the Summit, please visit the Broadbent Institute’s website.