As we near the end of strike votes, now is the time for everyone to come out and make this rally the biggest one yet! It’s time to show the employer that we are serious about winning fair wages, a negotiated return to the office, an end to contracting out, and mandatory anti-discrimination training.

March 31 is the return-to-office deadline and it’s time to rally against this arbitrary and one-sided directive. We want the employer to negotiate this issue at the bargaining table and to immediately suspend the directive

The return-to-office directive has disproportionately affected women who work in the public service, especially those with younger children and other caregiving responsibilities. Many PSAC members are on waitlists for childcare as the March 31 deadline approaches. Others who have childcare are finding their current arrangement is not flexible enough to accommodate their office schedule, and so these workers are having to make up for missed time by—you guessed it—working from home.

The one-size-fits-all approach of Treasury Board isn’t working.

We demand a negotiated return-to-office that is fair, transparent, and works for the workers who make Canada work!

WHEN: March 31, 12pm-1pm

WHERE: We will be marching from 233 Gilmour to 90 Elgin Street with a samba band. Join us for music and fun!

Please fill out this form to let us know if you will be attending, and if there is anything you need to help you participate.

Parking will be available on a first-come first-served basis at 233 Gilmour St. There is also street parking nearby and the closest LRT station to 90 Elgin is Parliament station.