May 14, 2021 to May 16, 2021
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9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Virtual, , (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
February 19, 2021

The 8th Regional Triennial Convention of the NCR of the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be held virtually May 14-16, 2021. 


  • Februray 12, 2021 - Receipt of the Resolutions to Regional Convention submitted by the Regional Council, Locals, Branches, Regional Women’s committees, Area Councils, Equity Committees and recognized PSAC regional committees. To help you in the process, you may click on the call letter below for the criteria for submitting a new resolution.
  • February 19, 2021 - Registration by Delegates and Observers.
  • February 19, 2021 - Credentials to the Regional Convention  by the Regional Council, Locals, Branches, Regional Women’s committees, Area Councils, Equity Committees and recognized PSAC regional committees.

Here is the Call Letter to find all the information related to the upcoming Regional Convention. 

Positions Open for Elections

As a result of a decision by delegates at the 2003 PSAC Convention, Regional Executive Vice-Presidents and their Alternates are to be elected at Convention.  Any PSAC member in good standing in the National Capital Region is entitled to run for these two positions.  The nominator and the seconder must be accredited delegates to the National Capital Region Convention. A call for nomination for the office of the Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) and Alternate REVP, will be sent under separate cover. Below is the list of all the positions up for elections at the Convention:

  1. Regional Executive Vice-President
  2. Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President
  3. Members-at-large x 3
  4. Alternate members-at-large x3
  5. Separate Employers representatives
  6. Alternate Separate Employers representatives
  7. Treasurer
  8. Standing Finance Committee

Click here for the 2021 Candidate Nomination FormThe form must be sent to the NCR Coordinator Elisabeth Woods at the following email address: WoodsE@psac-afpc.com on or before April 16, 2021.

The objective of the PSAC Family Care Policy is to remove one of the barriers which prevents delegates from participating fully in Union activities.  Costs related to family care will be reimbursed according to the PSAC Family Care policy. A copy is available on the PSAC website at http://psacunion.ca/family-care-policy.

Register for convention online:

The delegate registration previously done for the 2020 PSAC-NCR Regional Convention will be confirmed with the submitting bodies. Changes in delegate registration shall be allowed and such changes shall not be considered as late delegates. The period for delegate confirmation shall be: February 19, 2021. If a delegate is being replaced by a duly elected alternate, minutes of the meeting where this election took place must be provided by the submitting body. This election shall be conducted per the appropriate local/branch/component by-laws. Components shall confirm their delegation to PSAC, including any changes made to their delegation

The Area Council / Regional Committee shall be asked to reconfirm their delegate. A new election is not required if the previously elected delegate or their elected alternate will be attending the postponed Regional Convention;  Should neither the elected delegate nor alternate be able to attend the postponed Regional Convention, the Area Council / Regional Committee shall be required to conduct a new election for their delegate. This election shall be conducted per the Area Council / Regional Committee by-laws. The new delegate must be registered within the period of delegate confirmation defined in this callout to avoid being a late delegate.

For those union bodies that did not register their full complement of delegates (or any delegate) by the original 2019/2020 deadline, they will be able to utilize their full complement and register their delegate(s) to the postponed Regional Convention, within the reopened delegate registration period. Such delegates will not be considered as late.

The registration fee paid by delegates in 2019/2020 will be returned. No registration fee shall be charged for the virtual Regional Convention.


Observers shall confirm their attendance to the postponed PSAC-NCR Regional Convention by: February 19, 2021. New observers are permitted to register for convention by this deadline. Changes in the observer registration by a union body shall be permitted. Such changes are to be made within the deadline cited above. Observers must be members in good standing.  If an observer had previously paid the $150 convention registration fee, it will be returned by PSAC-NCR. No registration fee shall be charged for the postponed regional convention. Regional Committees and Area Councils are reminded that they cannot spend committee/council funds on observers.


If you have any questions about the NCR Convention, please contact the REVP Office at 2021NCRConvention-CongresRCN2021@psac-afpc.com or 613-560-4381.


Delegate Registration Form 

Observer Registration Form 

Agenda and Previous Minutes

List of Resolutions and Reports of Resolutions


Executive Reports

Committtee Reports

Separate Employers Reports

  • Kim Cardinal
  • Richard Weintrager

Treasurer's report

Members at Large Reports

  • David Lanthier
  • Raynald Leroy
  • Joy Morgan
  • Tony Nicolas
  • Louise Sicard
  • Alex Silas