Webinar on discrimination in the workplace: Focus on racism – REGISTRATIONS CLOSED

June7, 2021

This training, for racialized members in the NCR, will take place on June 7, 2021 from 9 am – 1 pm. This training will be on Zoom with translation.

We will have several guests:

  • Seema Lamba, PSAC Human Rights Officer
  • Doug Hill, PSAC Grievances and Adjudication Officer and
  • Marc Béland, NCR Health and Safety Representative.

The objective of this training is to familiarize members with the Employment Equity Act, the Human Rights Commission, and to help racialized members understand the remedies available against systemic racism. We will also highlight the provisions of the Canadian Labour Code on the issue of harassment.

Here are some of the questions that will be raised during this training:

  • Since its adoption in 1986, is the Employment Equity Act still a remedy for systemic barriers to employment?
  • Is the Human Rights Commission still able to ensure compliance and enforcement of the employment equity program under the Act?

The second part of this training is to familiarize members with lobbying strategies.

Loss of salary will be covered by the PSAC-NCR for this event. For TB, Parks, CFIA, SSHRC and CRA: A Union Authorization Letter (UAL) will be provided  prior to this training.

The objective of the PSAC Family Care Policy is to remove one of the barriers which prevents members from participating fully in Union activities.  Costs related to family care will be reimbursed according to the PSAC Family Care policy. A copy is available on the PSAC website at http://psacunion.ca/family-care-policy.