FAQ-Education-In Person

Who can attend?

All members in good standing can apply to attend a union course.  For advanced courses, you must obtain a recommendation from your Local or your Component or from a PSAC-NCR Regional Council Executive member. 

What can I expect from a PSAC course? 

We use teaching methods that are participatory, transformative, which promote inclusion, encourage reflection and dialogue, and include a mix of techniques to respond to various learning styles.  Our courses are participant centered. 

Do I have to pay to attend? 

No. In fact, we reimburse your expenses. 

What are the expenses that are reimbursed?

Members will not be reimbursed for participating in online, self-paced courses using the PSAC online education platform.

– Salary

  • Loss of salary or annual/vacation leave you have incurred in order to attend the course (schedule needed if different than 37.5 hrs). 
  • Members at Canadian Food Inspection Agency are encouraged to use the article 13.13 provision of their Collective Agreement for Union Leave with Pay.
  • Members at Parks Canada are encouraged to use the article 13.13 provision of their Collective Agreement Union Leave with Pay.
  • Members at SSHRC are encouraged to use the article 13.09 provision of their Collective Agreement Union Leave with Pay.
  • Members at Treasury Board are encouraged to use the article 14.13 provision of their Collective Agreement Union Leave with Pay

– Education Allowance

  • Members who attend a online course which is at least 3 hours in length, whether during the week or on a weekend, will receive a $25 education allowance for each full block of 3 hoursMembers must complete the full course before the education allowance is approved.
  • The education allowance will be calculated based on the total number of hours of the virtual course, divided by 3. For example, if a virtual course is 6 hours total in length, whether it is offered over two 3-hour evening sessions or over the course of one day, the member will receive $50 upon confirmation of full attendance and completion of the course (i.e. $25 for each full 3-hour increment of the course.) If a course is 10 hours in total, the participant would receive a $75.

– Family care

  • Members who have to pay for additional family care costs in order to be able to attend our education activities are reimbursed these additional expenses in accordance with the PSAC Family Care Policy.

What should I do if I have to cancel?

  • Members who do not complete the full course will not receive a partial prorated per diem except in extraordinary circumstances and with the approval of the respective Regional Coordinator.
  • If you are a CFIA, Parks, SSHRC or a Treasury Board employee and have claimed a union leave, please read the following:
    • Illness or other unforeseen circumstances may prevent a member from attending a union event. Members who are unable to participate in part or all of the event are personally responsible for modifying their related leave request in their Leave Management System. The Leave Management System must reflect the actual union leave used by the member in order to ensure the accuracy of the loss of salary invoiced to Public Service Alliance of Canada. The leave recorded in the Leave Management System should only reflect the actual amount of leave required to attend the union event.