Federal Elections 2019: Information and Activities

This year’s federal election on October 21 will be critical to the future of Canada. The resources below provide information about candidates and activities in ridings in the National Capital Region. You can view a break down of our union’s and community’s issues on the PSAC National site.

PSAC-NCR members are working hard this election to make a difference in close or swing ridings to prevent conservative wins. We will be mobilizing PSAC members to get out the vote. After much analysis and consideration of resources, our priority ridings in Ottawa are Carleton (because it was an extremely close race last election) and Orleans (because it is considered a swing riding with high NCR member density). In each riding, we will be holding outreach days and phone calls to our membership. Calls will be held at 233 Gilmour St., PSAC headquarters. Training is provided for all activities so don’t sweat it, plus we’ll be working in teams for outreach!

Volunteer for door-to-door or telephone canvassing


Learn about your political rights here » 

Make sure you’re registered to vote with Elections Canada »

List of NCR candidates »

Questions for candidates »

All-candidates debates in NCR ridings »


If you are aware of any public debates occuring in any of our region’s ridings please send the information/link to psac-ncr-afpc-rcn@psac-afpc.com