Frequently Asked Questions - Strike & Ratification Votes CSE

Questions and Answers About PSAC Strike/Ratification & Voting


Q - Where do I get my 8-digit Voter PIN and what do I need it for?

A - Your 8-digit Voter PIN is required for you to be able to cast your ballot/vote and should be found in your personal email inbox or it's spam folder and would have been sent to your personal email address 2 days prior to the opening of the votes. If PSAC did not have your personal email address, it would have been sent to your home mailing address by Canada Post mail. If you did not receive by either method, it can be provided to you if you contact the NCR Voting Enquiry form, the voting hotline at or 613-714-4829.


Q - Where do I get my 5-7-digit PSAC ID Number and what do I need it for?

A - Your 5-7-digit PSAC ID Number is required for your registration to be confirmed into an information session and should also be found by email or home mailing address in the same communication document you received for the Voter PIN.


Q - What do I need the GoToWebinar ID for?

A - You will need the GTW ID to join the webinar when you first connect via browser or GTW app. This will allow you entry and pariticipation to the session.


Q - What do I need the GoToWebinar Access Code for?

A - You will need the GTW Access Code if you are dialing in using your telephone in order to be allowed entry to the session.


Q - What is the Info Session Attendance Password for and do I need it?

A - It is only for folks that do not join by internet or do not use the join link. The Info Session Attendance Password is proof that you attended the info session by telephone using the phone-in numbers. Otherwise the PSAC cannot confirm your attendance in order to have your  voter PIN activated to cast your ballot.


Q - Why is it preferable to join the webinar info session using online link via browser or GTW app?

A - The best way is online using the "join link" to join via browser or the GTW app. This will automatically record your attendance for the purposes of eligibility to vote. It also will allow you to view the presentation, the video, download the handouts and type in your questions live. Otherwise, additional steps will need to be taken to prove your attendance, you will only be able to text questions in if you have a cell phone and you will not benefit from the available materials. For ease of reference you can even familiarize yourself with GTW's How To page and run a test in advance.


Q - Why do I have to prove my attendance if I dial in by telephone to join the webinar information session instead of using the GTW online link and connecting via browser or the GTW app?

A - The GTW system does not have a way to acknowledge or recognize the telephone number that you are dialing from. We will not be able to record your attendance so that you are eligible to vote. Proving your attendance by following the steps provided during the session will allow your participation to be recorded and your voter PIN to be activated for your ballot.


Q - What happens to my cast ballot for the strike or ratification vote if I am not a Member In Good Standing, a Suspended Member, Rand member or on leave?

A - For a strike vote, you will be eligible to cast your ballot whether you are a MIGS  or not. Should the a tentative collective agreement later be ratified and should a ratification vote be held, then not be eligible to vote if you are not a MIGS. This will be resolved, once you have ensured to change your MIGS Status and signed an electronic card prior to the closing of a ratification vote. This is why we are asking members to pre-emptively ensure their status for later possibility of a ratification vote.


Q - Do I still receive Strike Pay if I am not a Member In Good Standing, a Suspended Member, Rand member or on leave?

A - For a strike, although your ballot will have been counted for the vote you will not receive strike pay until you are MIGS. This is also why we are asking members to pre-emptively ensure their status for later possibility of a strike action.


Q - Can I vote if I am retired?

A - You are not eligible to vote if you are retired. That being said, should there later be a ratification of a collective agreement, there may still be retroactive benefits of the new collective agreement depending on the date of your retirement.


Q - Why does the electornic voting system indicate "invalid" when I try to cast my ballot?

A - If the voting system indicates "invalid" it means your voter PIN is not activated. Your voter PIN will be activated 3 hours after you have sucessfully participated at an information session.


Q - Why can I not register for the webinar info session with my work email?

A - The Union is not allowed to process any strikes/ratifications and votes via the Employer's systems when that Employer is the other party to that agreement.


Q - How long does it take for my registration for the information session take to be approved and for me to get my confirmation which includes the access information to join the webinar info session?

A - Given the massive engagement of multiple PSAC bargaining units over a hundred thousand members across Canada in simulatneous bargaining process, we ask for your patience in receiving confirmation to your registration as we screen each member to ensure that they are joining the correct bargaining unit session and that their ballot will count. Unless you are registering at the last minute before a session, you will be confirmed before the session starts.


Still have questions?

If your questions are not answered by the information above please do not hesitate to contact us by completing this online equiry form, on the voter help email at or the voter help line at 613-714-4829.

We are best able to answer your enquiries expeditiously if you provide us with all the details on the form. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience as we are experiencing higher than normal enquiry volumes from members across Canada.