For a Healthy Workplace - Les Terrasses de la Chaudière

Fall Update

✓ Committee with all Building’s Management and Unions

✓ Upgrading of air units to increase air quality including pilot project of 15 air purifiers in targeted areas identified by workers

✓ Purchase of air filtration units to be distributed on member’s needs as an additional measure to increase air quality at work

✓ Upgrading of the lighting and ventilation systems

✓ 175 filtered water stations for safe drinking water to be installed by the end of March 2021

✓ More transparent and regular communication provided by PSPC on renovations/bed bug monitoring and treatments programs/air and water quality update

✓ Hiring of Ambassadors by PSPC to answer questions by Workers + Tenant Experience Coordinator to manage service requests

✓ Workspace Modernizing in progress on various floors at 15 and 25 Eddy + 10 Wellington

✓ Bed bug monitoring program and treatment update: Installation of 9 bat houses in June 2020

✓ Building Envelope at the procurement stage

Union Survey to be sent out in the new year to get your input 

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