June 8: Time to send a message

PSAC and other federal public service unions are calling on all members to help send a message to the new Liberal government by participating in a national action on June 8th.

  • The new Liberal government promised respect for federal public service employees. It said it would do things differently than the former Conservative government. Yet, it has been more than six months since the Liberals were elected and there has been no meaningful progress at any of the federal bargaining tables.
  • Treasury Board negotiators are still pushing the Conservative’s proposal to replace our sick leave with a short term disability plan.
  • They have proposed the same 0.5% per-year wage increase as the Conservative government. This does not reflect the cost of living and fair wage increases.

The Liberals have also failed to restore fair collective bargaining by refusing to repeal the unfair labour laws passed by the Conservatives.

Why is action needed?

PSAC’s bargaining teams have been at the bargaining table with Treasury Board three times since the new government came into power. We are also in bargaining with Parks Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and an important vote is underway at CRA. We need to tell the government to come to the table with new proposals – not recycled Conservative messages. A new government should give itself a new mandate.

The outcome of Treasury Board bargaining will set a pattern for others.  We need to send a message to the Liberal government before bargaining resumes in June that we expect a fair contract.

It’s time for members to send a message!

  • Contact your local union right away to find out what is planned for your workplace on June 8th.
  • Join together with members of all federal unions and show the Liberal government you expect it to live up to its promise of respect.
  • Go to psacunion.ca and sign up to receive more information about June 8th

June 8 day of action poster