Member Profile January 2019: Joanne Robinson

Member Profile January 2019: Joanne Robinson

I cannot remember when I first became active in the union, but I can say that within the last four years I have become more visible and accountable to my local and committees that I participate on.

The most exciting and rewarding experience about being involved in the union is being able to represent a member and bringing about a win-win situation. When I represent members, sometimes the employee wins his/her battle but loses the greater war in terms of treatment and respect in the workplace or applying for other jobs. It’s always a struggle but worth the fight.

My most recent union work includes representing members, Co-Chairing the Human Rights Day Event, Co-Chairing the Racially Visible Action Committee (RVAC), and volunteering on Phoenix mobilization by helping with outreach and placarding to members.  

If you are thinking of getting involved in the union, make sure you are ready to commit time and effort. The fellowship can be wonderful. Never be afraid to ask questions. And sometimes patience and kindness moves mountains.

This year, as a union activist, I hope to accomplish: fair treatment for those that I am now representing, gain more knowledge in dealing with various types of grievances, and network to increase my knowledge in various areas of my union work.