Minutes of the Meeting of Members with Disabilities Action Committee (MDAC)- February 2nd, 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of

Members with Disabilities Action Committee (MDAC)

February 2, 2011

15 Holland Avenue, Ottawa


A // In Attendance:

  • Pat McGrath                           (UNDE) (MDAC Chair)          
  • Claudette Guibord                 (UCTE)     
  • Denise Camus                       (CEIU)
  • Peter Hyduk                           (UNDE)
  • John Jedrasik                         (GSU)
  • Marc Masson                          (NAT)
  • Michel Tondreau                    (GSU)
  • Judith Lewis                           (NHU)
  • Lise Nault                               (UNDE)


  • Jay Castonguay                     (PSAC Rgn Rep)

B // Absent:

  • Michael Clement                    (CEIU)
  • Monty Montgomery                (UNDE)
  • Gabriel Nicholas                    (UNDE)
  • Louis Normand                      ???
  • Réjean Roy                            (UTE)
  • Barb Palahnuck                      (NAT)
  • Brigitte Coghill                        (NRU)


C // Sending Regrets:

  • Benoit Durand                        (NAT)


D // Guest:

  • Cindy Hyduk
  • Diane Bélanger-Vena            (GSU)
  • Ian Graham                            (AANDC)
  • Linda Iezzi                              (JLP)

1 // Introduction

 Meeting was called to order at 17:35 hrs. 

2 // Adoption of Agenda

 The Agenda for the meeting was reviewed and accepted:

  • Motion :          –  Denise Camus      
  • 2nd :                –  Peter Hyduk
  • Carried

3 // Adoption of Minutes from November 3, 2011meeting

 The minutes from the last meeting was reviewed and small grammatical additions were made. Motion to adopt with changes:

  • Motion :          –  Peter Hyduk
  • 2nd :                –  Denise Camus
  • Carried

4 // Matters arising from last meeting

A //  Budget 2011

After all the number crunching, it appears that our surplus is 

approximately $226 instead of the $9.35 that was previously reported.

Well done MDAC!                  

B //  ParaTranspo and the STO Equivalent

It has been a standing issue for riders on Para Transpo or the STO equivalent, to pay a Premium fare during the weekday morning rush hour, from 6:30 am8:59 am. Pat and Diane have formed a committee to change this unfair policy and they will be looking for union backing to support their cause.

           C //  MDAC Elections

      The one year mandate for the Executives’ Positions had come up. Cindy

      Hyduk administered the election with the following results:


            A. Chair: Pat McGrath (acclaimed)

  • Motion :                – Peter Hyduk      
  • 2nd :                      – Claudette Guibord        
  • Carried    


B. Vice Chair:  Claudette Guibord (reelected)

  • Motion :                – Peter Hyduk      
  • 2nd :                      – John Jedrasik       
  • Carried


C. Secretary: Judith Lewis (elected)

  • Motion :                – Michel Tondreau    
  • 2nd :                      – John Jedrasik       
  • Carried


D. Treasurer: Peter Hyduk   (acclaimed)

  • Motion :                – Pat McGrath                                      
  • 2nd :                      – John Jedrasik     
  • Carried 

D // PSAC Workers at Salvation Army are on the line

It has been over a month since 60 workers of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, at 171 George Streetin Ottawa, went on strike. Many marches have taken place downtown and at their head office on Parkdale Avenue.

Our committee supports the Salvation Army strike for a fair pay, instead of the poverty line wages that they are presently receiving while the organization’s top executives make six figure salaries. In solidarity, a motion was made for MDAC to donate $200 to their Hardship Fund.

  • Motion :          –  Denise Camus
  • 2nd :                – Michel Tondreau
  • Carried

Note: MDAC’s Treasurer: Peter Hyduk  and Chair: Pat McGrath opposed the motion. 

E // Second Federal Government Conference for PWD’s

            Many MDAC members attended this event and they really enjoyed the 

           entertainment by a group called the Propeller Dance.

5 //  Joint Learning Program Training

Linda Iezzi, Regional Field Coordinator (PSAC) held a presentation on the Joint Learning Program (JLP).

This initiative resulted from collective bargaining in which the Unionand the Employer  agreed to establish a joint learning program. Over $8M has been dedicated to the JLP to fund learning activities, designed and delivered jointly by union and management.

The JLP is intended to provide joint learning opportunities in areas where both parties have significant roles and responsibilities, and for which the Employer does not already have a legal obligation to provide training. The JLP focuses on such topics as Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace, Duty to Accommodate, Employment Equity, Respecting Differences/Anti-discrimination, Understanding the Collective Agreement and Union-Management Consultation. The objectives of the JLP are to contribute to a better understanding of the respective roles of the union and management and to improve labour relations within Public Service.


Currently, the JLP is looking for facilitators to help teach the various programs and conduct a minimum of 5 sessions within 18 months. Course travel, accommodation, and delivery costs will be paid for by the JLP. Salaries will be absorbed by each facilitator’s respectivedepartment or agency. Interested applicants are requested to check the JLP website for the next orientation session.


6 // Taxi Chits


In and effort to have proper accountability with our Taxi chits, Jay has requested that our members notify her of the costs of their transportation as soon as possible.  There was much discussion that MDAC should have their own Taxi chit booklet and the Treasurer would monitor all amounts spent. This issue will be explored further.

7 // Report of Interest

 The MDAC Committee received a report that a community citizen was successful in an attempt to settle an accident thanks to the efforts and support of a PSAC NCR MDAC Committee member.  In this way, the work of the union in Disability Management is benefitting community citizens as an outreach.

8// Upcoming training by Work Force Adjustment.


9// Upcoming union event. 


10// HALPENNY, Rachelle

 With sadness, the committee remembered a former MDAC member who passed away. Her energy and tireless work will never be forgotten.

HALPENNY, Rachelle
Of Rockland, Ont. on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012at the age of 61. Beloved wife of Jim Halpenny and daughter of Simone Roy. Dear mother of Charles (Megan) and Justin (Nikki). Loving grandmother of Madison, Cynthia, Ethyn, Coltonand Jordan. Sister of Robert, Yvon and Gerry.

A // Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2011.


B // Adjournment

Motion to adjourn was made at: 7:15 pm.


  • Motion :          – Peter Hyduk                 


C // Minutes prepared and accepted with minor corrections.


Marc Masson                       Pat McGrath,

Secretary                                MDAC Chair                


                                    Date    March 30 2012