Ottawa Area Council Annual General Meeting – February 8, 2012

Ottawa Area Council

Annual General Meeting

February 8, 2012


Sara Cousins – UTE – Chair

June Dale – UNE – Secretary/Treasurer

David Lanthier – UTE – Director

Michèle Milotte – UNE – Director

Gerard Kirkham – UTE – Director

Chantal Fortin – USGE – Alternate Director / Delegate (I put both because she has the right to vote)

Vicki-Lynn Smith – UTE – Delegate

Maria Fitzpatrick – USGE – Delegate

Gesine Campbell – UTE – Delegate

Ginette Faicault – UTE – Delegate

John Murphy – CEIU – Delegate

Amber Miller – GSU – Delegate

Claudette Guibord – UCTE – Delegate

Jocelyne Bordage – CEIU – Delegate

Richard H Lynn – UNE – Delegate

Denise Camus – CEIU – Delegate

Ginette Thony – CEIU – Delegate

Zelma Buckley – UNDE – Delegate

Judy McAuley – CIU – Delegate

Annie Rochon – CIU – Delegate

Christine Dion – CIU – Delegate

Robert Webster – UTE – Delegate

Larisa Gedz – UTE – Delegate

François Paradis – UPCE – Delegate

Eleanor Bell – UNE – Delegate

Alan Craig – UTE – Delegate

Jacques Marengère – UTE – Delegate

Carl W. Laguerre – UNE – Delegate

John Jedracik – GSU – Delegate

Gilles Pagé – GSU – Delegate

Yvan Belanger – UPCE – Delegate

Louise Blouin – USGE – Delegate

Paul Paquette – USGE – Delegate

Enza Ricci – UNDE – Delegate

Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte – UNDE – Delegate

Christina Lamothe – UTE – Delegate

John Coltess – UEW – Delegate

Scott Henneberry – UTE – Delegate

Bill Riopelle – DCL 73100 – Delegate


Judith Lewis – NHU – Alternate Director / Observer (I put both because she cannot vote)

Chantal Lajotte – CIU – Observer

Francine Stuart – CIU – Observer

Lise M Wilson – USGE – Observer

Larry Lavitt – AGR – Observer

Isabelle M Gendron – ?? – Observer(we did not adopt the committee reps prior to this meeting I do not know her component off hand)

Emma ?? – DCL 73100 – Observer(Emma did not sign in, I do not know her last name, if she should be marked as a Guest then please move her name to that section)


Patty Ducharme – NEVP PSAC – Guest

Larry Rousseau – REVP NCR – Guest

Denise Monfils – Guest (She is the wife of Yvan Belanger, however I do not know if she is a member of the PSAC, there is no component next to her name on the sign in sheet)


Hassan Husseini – Staff PSAC OttawaRO.


  1. Call to Order: 6:10 pm


  1. Guest Speakers:

  2. Sister Patty Ducharme – NEVP – PSAC


Sister P Ducharme spoke of the old adage “may you live in interesting times”. This is definitely interesting times. This majority government has its sights set on public sector workers’ jobs, pensions and benefits. Members need to slow down the Prime Minister’s agenda. The PM pits one group of citizens / workers against another. The PM’s goal is to make economic sense for businesses but not for the workers who are becoming the diminishing middle class. Make citizens aware of what we do and who they rely on. We will still provide good public services to Canadians because that is what we do.

Within the community of the NCR, public service sector jobs are important to the economy of this region. If the estimated numbers are 1 in 5 employees losing their jobs, we know that this will have a significant impact. Let the citizens, employers, businesses, employees know how we support this region. Lobby all levels of government. Others’ employment depends on our employment. Be creative, be brave, and be strong; take potential risks. Engage more fully. Have fun with the Third Choice Campaign.


  • Brother Bill Riopelle – President DCL Local 73100 – Salvation Army

  • Sister Emma  ?? – DCL Local 73100


Brother B Riopelle and Sister E _____ spoke on the strike that is one month old. The line of attack will be with the city. There will be a rally on February 14 at 5:30 pmat City Hall. The city pays the Salvation Army to house the poor of the city, $43.00 per night per client.  Being paid less than those who do the same work at different shelters within the city is wrong.

The pressure will be on the City Council. The strikers are not stopping the clients from coming and going from the shelter, because they do not wish to have anyone go without. They are out on the picket line from 5 amto 7 pmdaily, so please come walk the line with us.


  • Larry Rousseau – REVP – NCR


Brother L Rousseau informed the membership of the question of Delegate status at Area Council meetings.  Area Councils are governed by the PSAC Constitution and therefore can only be interpreted by the National President. In 2011, Brother John Gordon made a ruling about Area Councils: “A member cannot be a delegate to more than one Area Council in a region.” Therefore, members can be delegate to either the Ottawa Area Council (OAC) or le Conseil régional d’action politique de l’Outaouais (CRAPO).


  1. Agenda:Amendments added to include the OAC email list and a request for funding from the ORWC.

M/S/C Sisters D Camus / G Campbell / Carried


  1. Minutes of January 11, 2012

M/S/C Sister VL Smith / Brother D Lanthier / Carried


Brother D Lanthier assumes the Chair


  1. Report of the Chair (See Attached)

M/S/C Sisters S Cousins / M Fitzpatrick / Carried


Sister S Cousins resumes the Chair


  1. Financial Report

Sister J Dale informed the Council that the financial report was submitted to the NCRCouncil in January 2012. The new executive will meet to plan for next year.

By request of Brother C Laguerre, next year the secretary/treasurer will submit a full financial report to the Ottawa Area Council as well as the NCRCouncil.


  1. Resolutions (See attached)

M/S/C Brother D Lanthier / Sister J Dale / Carried


  1. OAC Email List

A discussion on who is getting information from the OAC email box and what email is information being sent to. Until it is fixed, Brother H Husseini will be sending out the information from his email address.


  1. Request for funding from OttawaRegional Women’s Committee


That the OAC donate $1000.00 for buses for the Pink Slip Campaign event on March 8, 2012.

M/S/C Sister M Fitzpatrick / Brother D Lanthier / Carried


  1. Elections


Sister Maria Fitzpatrick assumes the Chair to hold the elections for the OAC Officers positions.



Sister Sara Cousins.

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)


Brother David Lanthier.

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)


Brother D Lanthier was elected as Chair


Secretary / Treasurer

Sister Chantal Fortin

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)



Directors (3)

Sister Michèle Milotte (Elected Director)

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)


Brother Gerard Kirkham (Elected Director)

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)


Brother Bob Webster (Elected Director)

N/S Brother David Lanthier / Sister Michèle Milotte


Sister Amber Miller

N/S _____________ / __________________ (on nomination sheets)


Alternate Directors (3)


Brother François Paradis (1. Alternate Director)

N/S _____________ / __________________ (do not know this information)


Sister Larisa Gedz (2. Alternate Director)

N/S _____________ / __________________ (do not know this information)


Sister Amber Miller (3. Alternate Director)

N/S _____________ / __________________ (do not know this information)



Motion to Destroy the Ballots

M/S/C _______________________(do not know this information)


Sister S Cousins resumes the Chair


  1. Varia and round table.


  1. Adjournment  XX:XX pm

M/S/C _______________________(do not know this information)



Newly Elected officers were sworn in by ____________________ (do not know this information)