Ottawa Regional Women’s Committee, Minutes, Annual Pot Luck Gathering and Meeting – 27 January 2011


 June Dale NAT

Judith Lewis NHU

Maria Krawiec NAT

Sara Cousins UTE

Linda Koenders UTE

Louise Blouin USGE

Jennifer York GSU

Isabelle Gendron GSU

Jennifer Cunningham UEW

Maria Fitzpatrick REVP PSAC

Patricia (Tish) Johnson PSAC


Special Guest: Patty Ducharme NEVP PSAC


Adoption of the minutes

Mover: Sara Cousins

Seconder: Maria Krawiec


  • June did not end up needing ORWC funds to attend the CLCconference Rise Up For Your Rights in December


December 6, 2010


  • There were fewer people who came back to the J. K. Wyllie Boardroom after the vigil at MintoPark. However, it was an extremely cold and windy evening. It was still a successful gathering and we made connections with other groups of women.       


December 10, Human Rights Awards


Participation in the Human Rights Awards ceremony on December 10, 2010


  • Not many people were nominated this year – Maria asks us to think about women, for the next time, who have moved the women’s agenda forward. (pay equity, outstanding community service, international help, etc…)
  • Criteria might need to be looked at again as it may not be as up to date as it should be)



Conference call of January 26, 2011


Debrief from June Dale

          National women’s conference action plan

  • List of sisters who wish to participate
  • 21 women chose pensions as their action item
  • Need to plan an International Women’s Day event March 8
  • Overall theme: National Child Care
  • June discussed with the group the possibility of having women’s policy makers coming in to speak as a panel at an IWD event in the J. K. Wyllie Boardroom
  • Bill C-471 implementation of the pay equity task force recommendation (second reading) and Bill C-473 was discussed
  • Resolutions from the National Women’s Conference that passed on the floor to be moved up to PSAC
  • Creation of a national women’s committee
  • Having an automatic delegate from the women’s committee


Plan for March 8, 2011: International Women’s Day


  • Spread the invitation beyond only the memberships (other unions and community group)
  • Invite Women Policy makers of the area
  • Translation will be required
  • J.K. Wyllie Boardroom has been reserved



Other business

The OAC AGMis February 9 at the Ottawa Regional Office.


Isabelle Gendron is looking for help on how to recruit shop stewards.


ACORN Bi-Annual Community Change Summit

          OAC bought a table for $2000


A table was bought at the NDP Ottawa South political Action Dinner February 12, 2011@ 6:00 pm. Sisters who live in that riding are invited to submit their names to Maria Fitzpatrick to attend.


The CRFF is planning an activity for March 7, 2011with the FTQ


All-candidates meeting to be held in early May for those running in the NCRelections.


Motion from Sara Cousins to donate $100 to augment the donation from the GLBT committee for a Family Day community event.


Seconded by Louise Blouin

Motion carried.


Isabelle to send all relevant information to June/Tish tomorrow.


Meeting adjourned at 7:15

Isabelle moved

Jennifer seconded



February 24, 2011


A special thanks to Louise Blouin for drafting these minutes. Thanks also to the sisters for the fabulous pot luck dinner.