PSAC-NCR Members at Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre Win 100% Top Up to Compassionate Leave

PSAC members working at Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre celebrate winning 100% compassionate leave top up and 93% parental leave top up for 12 months(there were no previous top ups).

Members have achieved other big wins through bargaining such as increases to babysitting reimbursements, meal allowances, mileage allowance, and eyeglass allowance that can now be used for laser eye surgery. Changes to sick leave provisions to remove the requirement for medical notes, extensions to file grievances, and an expanded definition of family for bereavement leave were also achieved.

“Today marks a huge victory for our members, for women and for the PSAC. Predominantly, the care for loved ones falls to women, and winning 100% top up to compassionate care brings us one step closer on the long and difficult road towards women’s equality,” said Greg McGillis, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-NCR.

Marlia Biggart and Jocelyn Bigras, leaders in the local, state: “We are extremely pleased with the board’s decision. It is real progress for the hard-working women who every day do the heroic work helping, healing and protecting the most vulnerable women who often deal with domestic violence, abuse and injustice.”