What is RAND?

Depending on the terms of their employment, all members who work in PSAC-represented positions automatically become “RAND” members, and their union dues are expected to start. 

A RAND member has the right to be represented by the union, is entitled to any statutory rights, and is covered by the collective agreement between the Employer and the Union.  

RAND members, however, are not entitled to participate in the governance or administration of their union, nor participate in any programs or benefits offered by the union itself.

A RAND member who signs their application for membership becomes a Full Member. 

Full members in good standing enjoy the benefits and programs offered by the PSAC, such as the free $10,000 life insurance, and have a voice in the governance and administration of the PSAC. 

A Full member may vote for or against a tentative agreement, and also vote whether or not to strike. A RAND member is only permitted to vote on whether or not to strike.  

To become a FULL member, please submit your online Membership application. Once we have processed your application, a PSAC Membership card will automatically be issued to you.