Registration for Strike Training - English & Bilingual

Preparatory training for CSE members.

Please complete this online registration in order to advise us of your interest in taking this training. Your information is especially required if reimbursement is being seeked for loss of salary while attending the course. 

Please review the event page to familiarize yourself with course details.


Contact information
Please call our regional offices at (613) 560 2560 for Ottawa or (819) 777 4647 for Gatineau to obtain your PSAC ID number.
If and when choosing a bilingual session, please ensure to choose the language interpretation that you require (i.e. an anglophone would choose English interpretation).
Should there be a strike mandate and should a strike be held - besides being a picketer (striking member), please advise what other roles you are already responsible for and wish to add.

Please tell us if your plans change and you are no longer able to attend the session selected.