Reproductive Rights are Human Rights

PSAC-NCR and the broader labour movement stand in solidarity with everyone grieving the US Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade. Labour’s movement for justice will always include standing up for reproductive rights.

“Make no mistake, reproductive rights did not come easily in Canada,” said Chantal Fortin, Alternate REVP for PSAC-NCR. “It was a long fought battle by many activists. We know we must preserve these rights in Canada, to make abortion accessible to everyone who needs one.”

“We know there are significant disparities between rural and urban access to abortion,” added Ruth Lau MacDonald, Chair of the Ottawa Area Council. “We know that women from low-income communities, women of colour, and 2SLGBTQ+ individuals are most harmed when access to abortion is restricted.  Access to abortion must be equitable, equal and legal.”

PSAC has advocated and campaigned for the protection of reproductive rights, and will continue to do so after today’s extremely disappointing news from south of the border. 

“We know that today’s decision will have a ripple effect on our realities in Canada,” concluded Alex Silas, REVP. “PSAC-NCR will make a $1,000 donation to Planned Parenthood Ottawa to support reproductive justice in our communities. If you’re outraged at the Roe v. Wade news, we encourage you to amplify and support organizations protecting reproductive and sexual rights.” 

Abortion is health care, and a fundamental human right that we must protect.