The Organizing Model

To remind us to blend the organizing model with the service model when handling grievances, a checklist should be developed and used in conjunction with the Steward Factsheet and Grievance Presentation.  Here are some ideas:

  1. What opportunities does this create to educate and involve the member?

  2. How can the grievor’s involvement in the process be maximized?

  3. What specifically can the grievor do tohelp solve the problem/contribute to a satisfactory outcome and help build the union in the process?

  4. Is this an issue requiring confidentiality and discretion?  Why/why not?

  5. Do we have the grievor’s consent to involve others?

  6. Who else might be affected by this issue?  How do we know/how will we find out?  In what ways are they affected or connected to this issue?

  7. How important is it to these members?

  8. How can they be involved?

  9. Who else needs to be involved?

  10. Has this been an issue in the past?  Who was involved and what was the outcome?

  11. What would be the specific goal(s) and/or objective(s)

  12. What actions could be considered?  For what purpose?

  13. What are the specific educational opportunities this issue creates?  (e.g., one-to-one with the grievor, newsletter/bulletin, information session, steward contact system with membership, PSAC seminar/course, joint training with the employer)

  14. How can this issue contribute to additional stewards/better trained stewards and what specific activities do we need to consider to achieve this?  

  15. Who will do what by when?

  16. What follow up is required?

  17. How and when will we evaluate the results?