FB (CBSA – Treasury Board)

The Border Services (FB) bargaining unit consists of over 9,000 PSAC-CIU members at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), responsible for protecting Canada’s borders and the planning, development, delivery, inspection and control of people and goods entering Canada.

Bookmark the PSAC national web page as well as this NCR regional web page for the latest updates on bargaining between PSAC and the TB. See all bargaining updates below.

Download the latest virtual graphics to show your support for bargaining! Includes virtual backgrounds, email signature blocks and more!

FB specific backgrounds are available on the CIU FB Bargaining Graphics website page.

Membership Rand Card

Rand members now have the ability to sign a union card as well as vote virtually online.

Rand Members’ Electronic Membership Application Form (Bilingual)

MIGS Retention Form

For members who are not in good standing due to leave or Phoenix issues, an additional form gives members the ability to request their member-in-good-standing status to be updated so that they can vote.

MIGS Requisition Form (English)

MIGS Requisition Form (French)


Regional Bargaining Updates…

FB Strike – 2 Hour Module

April 30, -

Are you ready? Do you have questions? Join us virtually on one of the following dates to have some of your…