Members with Disabilities Access Committee (MDAC)

The Members with Disabilities Access Committee (MDAC) welcomes all members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada with disabilities. MDAC is open to all members with any disability: whether physical, sensory, or involving mental illness; whether permanent, chronic, or temporary in nature.

MDAC serves as a forum where members with disabilities can engage in peer to peer networking, share information, and address areas of concern to members with disabilities.

The purpose of the committee is to ensure that PSAC members who are differently-abled are given the opportunity to participate fully in their union and in their workplaces. To that end, MDAC has been instrumental in raising awareness in the Alliance on a number of disability related issues including policy papers on “Alternate Media,” “Employment Equity for Members with Disabilities,” and the “PSAC National Action Plan on Disability Issues.”

While we welcome members who self-identify as differently-abled, there is no requirement to disclose a diagnosis. However, if there are accommodations required to enable members to attend and participate at meetings and events, disclosure of functional limitations might be required.

The committee meets the first Thursday of every month virtually online / 233 Gilmour Street in the Pat McGrath Boardroom on the 6th floor. Sign-in with security at the main desk is required. Please check the events calendar for more information.

For further information about the Committee, contact the Ottawa Regional office either by phone at 613-560-2560 or by email at:

Chair: Karen Legare-Kenniphaas:
Vice Chair: VACANT:
Treasurer: Steve Leonhard:
Secretary: Alan Craig:
Director: Ryan Ward:

General MDAC:

Staff, NCR Regional Office Representative: Claudine Prophète (


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