Saint Paul University

PSAC represents approximately 60 part-time professors at the Saint Paul University. The current contract expires on April 30, 2023, and negotiations for a new collective agreement is about to get underway. The Saint Paul University unit is a Directly Chartered Local (DCL 71202).

Bookmark this NCR regional web page for the latest updates on bargaining between PSAC and the Saint Paul University. See all bargaining updates below.

Membership Rand Card

Due to COVID-19, temporary measures have been taken to provide Rand members with the ability to sign a union card and vote.

Rand Members’ Electronic Membership Application Form (Bilingual)

Member In Good Standing (MIGS) Retention Form

For members who are not in good standing due to leave or other issues, an additional form gives members the ability to request their member-in-good-standing status to be updated so that they can vote.

MIGS Requisition Form (English)

MIGS Requisition Form (French)


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