Treasury Board

PSAC represents more than 100,000 people who work for the federal public service’s main “employer”, Treasury Board. This includes people who work for most government departments and agencies. A lot of them live and work in the National Capital Region. This page has event notices and news related to bargaining new collective agreements for PSAC members who work for Treasury Board.

Bookmark the PSAC national web page as well as this NCR regional web page for the latest updates on bargaining between PSAC and the TB. See all bargaining updates below.

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Treasury Board Groups

Membership Rand Card

Due to COVID-19, temporary measures have been taken to provide Rand members with the ability to sign a union card and vote.

Rand Members’ Electronic Membership Application Form (Bilingual)

MIGS Retention Form

For members who are not in good standing due to leave or Phoenix issues, an additional form gives members the ability to request their member-in-good-standing status to be updated so that they can vote.

MIGS Requisition Form (English)

MIGS Requisition Form (French)


Regional Bargaining Updates…

TB bargaining: What could a strike look like?

There are over 165,000 PSAC members bargaining with Treasury Board and the Agencies right now.   This is one of the largest groups of unionized workers in Canada. Together we have a lot of power.

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FAQ: How bargaining with Treasury Board works

Bargaining with Treasury Board can seem like an obscure process where a bunch of people spend time talking at each other at random intervals for months or even years before anything happens and we end up with a new collective agreement.

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