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What are your current role(s) in the union? Where do you work/what do you do?

I am a Table games dealer at the Hard Rock Casino, shop steward, certified Joint Health and Safety Rep and President of Local 71201.  I was also part of the bargaining team.

When did you first get involved in the union?

I became a shop steward in the summer of 2015 and H&S Rep in November of the same year.  I became Secretary in October 2016 and became President in 2017 as Laura Perry, our previous President resigned.

Members working at Hard Rock Casino fought and achieved new gains this round of bargaining. Despite monetary and non-monetary improvements, workers will continue to push for a fair working conditions and to assert their rights. “This is a step forward towards improving working conditions for our members at Hard Rock. We will continue to support our members in their fight for fairness and living wages,” says REVP for the PSAC-NCR, Greg McGillis.

Name: Hayley Millington

Bargaining Unit: PA

Component: UNE

Work location: Gatineau, Quebec

Your job (describe briefly the type of work you do):

Fraud Analyst and Investigator

Your union position & activities (e.g. elected positions, union committees, local responsibilities, etc.):

Human Rights Rep for local 70263 and Component National Equity Representative for Women

Your message to members:

Check out our materials on knowing your political rights as a PSAC member.