Video launch: A Struggle to Remember: Fighting For Our Families

The video, A Struggle to Remember: Fighting For Our Families, will be launched Friday, October 19th at 7 p.m. at Galerie SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas St. (Wheelchair access through 2 Daly Arts Court entrance.) 

Three years in the making, this video chronicles the struggles by unions, feminists, and political progressives that led to Canada having some of the best family leaves, including paid maternity leave, in the world. Created by Aaron Floresco of Winnipeg, this video features interviews and historical images of the pioneers in this important social change, and looks to contemporary and future developments. The video will be screened in English and French, followed by a brief panel discussion and a wine and cheese reception. 

Admission is free, so come on down and bring a friend! 

This event is sponsored by the Workers’ History Museum.