FAQ: Strike Pay

Stay up to date on the strike including strike pay by regularly checking both the PSAC National FAQ webpage and the NCR Regional FAQ webpage.


Please check your spam/junk folders. For Gmail users, check your promotions folders. The subject line was “Strike pay: sign up for e-transfer” for information about the set up of e-transfer for strike pay.

If you checked your junk/spam folder going back a few weeks and see nothing, please email NCR-Vote@psac-afpc.com with your first and last name, personal email address, department, and classification. Do kindly check your spam/junk folder regularly, because when we re-send the email it could end up there again, if that’s where it’s going.

Also note, you will not be able to use an email that was forwarded to you by another member to set up strike pay because the original email is unique to each member and linked to their individual PSAC ID.

If you did receive an email with your PSAC ID and barcode, but the barcode is missing you might need to allow images in the email to be displayed. Usually there is an option at the top of the email to load images in the body of the email.

The National FAQ page has a section on Strike pay via Interac e-Transfer and the Regional FAQ page has a segment on Strike Pay.


If after May 18th you have concerns about discrepancies in your strike pay, please relay them via the online national strike pay issues form after waiting for two pay periods.