Ratification Info Sessions & Votes 2020 – CFIA & Parks Canada Tentative Agreements Reached

PSAC has reached a tentative agreement with Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Parks Canada. Both bargaining teams unanimously recommend ratification of the new agreements.

Information Sessions from October 5th to October 30th, 2020

Voting from October 5th to November 4th, 2020


Requirements for voting…

  • Voting Personal Identification Number (Voting PIN) from InteliVote (IV) consisting of 8-digits to cast your ballot
  • Attendence at a Ratification Information Session per the PSAC Constitutionfor your ballot to count
  • Member In Good Standing status per the PSAC Consitution for your ballot to count

Requirements for registering for an info session…

  • PSAC Member ID Number consisting of 5-6 digit to join the session
  • Personal email address to join the session
  • Job Classification to determine which session you should attend

Registration for CFIA and Parks info sessions…

​If you are not a member the National Capital Region but, of another PSAC region please visit the national pages for CFIA schedules and Parks Canada schedules for online & telephone webinar info sessions.

Where to cast your ballot to vote…

  • InteliVote PSAC Online & Telephone Coordinates will be provided to you at the end of the infomation session you attend. 

4 steps to cast your vote…

Step 1 – Retrieve Your InteliVote Personal Identification Number (IV Voting PIN)

Step 2 – Ensure You are a Member in Good Standing

Step 3 – Register for a Webinar Information Session

Step 4 – Vote online or by telephone

For more details on the process, view our 4 Steps of the Ratification Process page.

Frequently Asked Questions…

For more answers, view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Still have questions?

Take a look at our 4 Steps of Ratifcation Process and Frequently Asked Questions pages for additional information. If your questions are not answered by that page or the information above please do not hesitate to contact us at by completing this onlineNCR Voting Enquiry form, contacting the voter help line at ncr-vote@psac-afpc.com or 613-714-4829.

We are best able to answer your enquiries expeditiously if you provide us with all the details on the form. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience as we are experiencing higher than normal enquiry volumes from members across Canada.