Testimonials from our Community Allies

Canada Without Poverty

This past year, PSAC has had the opportunity to partner with Canada Without Poverty to raise awareness on the reality of poverty in Canada.  From collaborating on policy summits to shape recommendations for a federal poverty plan, to partnering on afirst slam poetry event on October 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, PSAC has demonstrated commitment to assisting the most vulnerable and working towards a poverty-free Canada.

– Megan Yarema, Director for Education & Outreach, Canada Without Poverty (December 2012)

Ottawa ACORN

With PSAC’s support, Ottawa ACORN is organizing low and moderate incomes families to fight back on several important social justice campaigns and issues such as:

  • Working to a $15 federal living wage
  • Local Healthy Homes Campaigns, where low income families are working to get problem landlords to repair and maintain rental properties; our low income members will ensure renters are included as stakeholders in the city’s property standards by-law review
  • Internet for All, where low income members are organizing around the CRTC’s review of the telecommunications industry; we want to see a $10/month program for low income people so that everyone can have access

– Jill O’Reilly, Coordinator, ACORN Ottawa (August 2015)

Octopus Books

The support of PSAC in the National Capital Region has been invaluable to Octopus Books over the past year. With this support, Octopus Books was able to organize a series of community discussions and roundtables, free to the public, which deal with issues of social justice, workers’ rights, and various struggles for freedom.

-Lisa Greaves, Owner, Octopus Bookstore (December 2012)

Workers’ History Museum

PSAC-NCR has worked with the Workers’ History Museum to promote workers’ history since WHM’s founding.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – productive, effective and inspiring.

– Robert Hatfield, President, Workers History Museum (January 2013)