Racially Visible Action Committee Statement on Emancipation Day

Last year, the House of Commons unanimously designated August 1st as Emancipation Day in order to mark the end of slavery in the British Empire, including Canada, in 1834. To highlight the importance of this day, the PSAC-NCR Racially Visible Action Committee (RVAC) issued a statement on the occasion of Emancipation Day.

Doreen Grant, Co-Chair of RVAC shared what the occasion means to her, Emancipation Day to me is freedom from bondage but not freedom to live with dignity.”

RVAC is an important part of PSAC. As one of the union’s Human Rights Committees, RVAC strives to make our workplaces and our labour movement more equitable, discrimination-free, and representative. To get involved in future RVAC activities, please contact the Co-Chairs: Doreen Grant Thompson at mimisgs7@gmail.com and Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte at rooggu@sympatico.ca

“Although slavery has been abolished, Black people continue to face oppression in our communities — and in our workplaces,” said Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte, Co-Chair of RVAC. “On behalf of RVAC and PSAC, we wish you a great and reflective Emancipation Day.”