WEBINAR: Discussion on Systemic Racism in the Labour Movement

PSAC-NCR invites you to our upcoming webinar on understanding systemic racism in the labour movement. Presented as a panel discussion facilitated by Regional Executive Vice-President Alex Silas, Émilie Nicolas and Eagleclaw Thom will help us understand systemic racism by focusing on the question of white privilege:  

  • What is white privilege?  
  • How does white privilege contribute to systemic racism in the labour movement?   
  • What are actions union members and workers can take to identify and challenge white privilege in the labour movement? 

Wednesday, May 26th at 7PM EDT 

We are asking all attendees to register in advance for this webinar. 

Vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire à la version française de ce webinaire.

This webinar is open to PSAC staff and members of the community outside PSAC.


Eagleclaw Thom is a creative professional currently waiting out the pandemic in Gatineau, QC. Originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Eagleclaw moved to Regina at a young age. He has worked in the arts for over 20 years and has recently transitioned to communications. He is a passionate activist and volunteers his time and work to causes of social justice and sustainable futures.

Émilie Nicolas is a Vanier Scholar and PhD candidate in Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Toronto and the co-founder of Québec inclusif, a movement that actively unites citizens against racism and social exclusion. Her research focuses on the role of a shared language in the connections between Quebec and Haiti. An active bridge-builder, Emilie has co-initiated a coalition campaigning for equality and against systemic racism in Quebec. Her work has been published in several journals, magazines and newspapers, and she is a frequent media commentator, analyst and public speaker on human rights issues.  


Peggy McIntosh, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Jeremy Dowsett, What riding my bike has taught me about white privilege

Carol Wall, Dear White Sisters and Brothers: A Letter from a Union Educator