Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations

This regulation came into force on January 1, 2021 and created a single regime under Part II of the Canada Labour Code.

The new regime applies to:

  • Federally regulated private sector industries like Canada Post;
  • Federal public service;
  • Ministerial exempt staff (clarifies coverage);
  • Employees on the Hill such as MPs staff, employees of the House of Commons, the Senate, the Library of Parliament and the Parliamentary Protective Service (currently not covered by the Code); and
  • Interns employed in these sectors.

Watch the webinar held on December 10:

You will find on this page the following documents related to the implementation of these regulations.

  1. PowerPoint presentation on the new regulations
  2. Flow chart on the new regulation
  3. Interpretation, policies and guides
  4. Federal Court Judgment, Chickoski Case