COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE – Meeting of April 11th, 2012






Meeting of April 11, 2012, GatineauOffice



Members present:

 Jason Brown, UNDE 70614

Judy McAuley, CIU 70066

Francine Stuart, CIU 70066

Chantal Rajotte, CIU 70066, Chair



 Louise Patrice, regional union representative



 1. Adoption of the agenda

 Decisions: unanimously adopted


2. Logo

 Discussions: 45 logos were reviewed



A choice was made to go with model no. 8 845593 (suggested by Judy) – unanimously adopted.




Judy McAuley was given responsibility for the logo.  She will purchase the rights to reproduce this logo and send the electronic version to Louise Patrice so that she can send it to suppliers to produce T-shirts (10 navy blue (?) T-shirts with this white and light blue logo, and COMMUNICATIONS on the back) along with various products such as magnetic stickers.  


A portfolio will be created, making it possible to propose various logos to future clients of the committee.

3. Presentation by the committee to the Area Council in June 


 For the presentation, the Committee will bring in a product identifying the Committee for distribution to members of the Area Council.  This may include magnetic stickers at 67 cents/unit.  500 were ordered.  They include the logo, the Committee name and the e-mail address.

 A hard-copy of the presentation proposed by Chantal was given to the members.  We asked them to get back to us with their feedback for April 25.


 Judy volunteered to add the logo, animation, flash, etc. to the presentation.

 The next Committee meeting will take place next May 9.

 Proposed lunch: Info deli, vegetarian couscous, chickpea salad, humus, vegetable plate, desserts