COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE – Meeting of march 14th, 2012



Gatineau Office Meeting of March 14, 2012


Present :

  •  Judy McAuley, CIU 70066
  • Francine Stuart, CIU 70066
  • Chantal Rajotte, CIU 70066
  • Patrice Rémillard, UNE 70396

Representing PSAC:

 Louise Patrice, regional representative


1. Mandate of the Executive


Other committees in the region and regulations of the previous Communications Committee.

A one-year term is too short.

Length of term: 2 years


It was moved that members have a two-year term.

Moved by Francine Stuart 

Seconded by Patrice Rémillard

Motion carried unanimously.

2. Committee Objectives


The Committee’s objectives will be based on the region’s communication plan and the Committee’s discussions, including those of its first meeting.

It was decided that the Committee would develop its objectives based on the region’s communication plan.


Moved by Francine Stuart

Seconded by Judy McAuley

Motion carried unanimously.

Committee objectives:

3. Preparation for the Committee’s launch at the Regional Council meeting in June


A pamphlet informing members of the Committee’s mandate and objectives should be produced to be distributed at the June meeting. The Committee’s logo should be launched at this time. (To be determined at the April meeting.)



The Committee will research the logo, with explanations.

The logo and medium will be discussed at the next meeting in preparation for the June launch.


4. Round table discussion

 Louise will contact the PSAC to obtain an email address to providing access to all executive members, and reply rights only to Chantal.

All requests received will be presented to and reviewed by the executive.

A generic message could be sent to senders indicating…

Next meeting: April 11, 2012