Covid 19 Ressources ORWC

Greetings Sisters,

The COVID-19 pandemic, the closure of workplace offices and self-isolation leaves many sisters and families impacted by domestic violence, inside their homes, with their abuser – all day, every day. Some may not be in contact with their loved ones or their friends. Many may not know how/where to reach out for help.  Several services are available, and we ask that you please share the following information:

  • National & Provincial Crisis Lines:
    •  Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1-866-863-0511 (toll-free)
      • English only
    • Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime: 1-877-232-2640 (toll-free) 
      • Text: 613-208-0747
      • Online Chat:
      • Open and available remotely from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (EST).
    • Talk4Healing: 1-855-554-HEAL (1-855-554-4325, toll-free)
      • Talk4Healing  is a culturally grounded, fully confidential helpline for Indigenous women available in 14 languages all across Ontario.
    • Fem’aide: 1-877-336-2433 (toll-free)
      • Fem’aide offers French-speaking women who have experienced gender-based violence, support, information and referral to appropriate front-line services within their communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please take the time to assist your sisters by offering them resources for helpful information to safety.