CRAPO’S COMMITTEE – Meeting of February 2012

Minutes of CRAPO


Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Present : Steve Racicot, Serge Fortin, Alain Casselman, Karl Lafrenière, Judy McAuley, Bruno Blanchard-Pilon, Patrice Rémillard, André Bonin


Chantal Rajotte, Jean-Pierre Ouellet


  1. Welcome


  1. Look back at the meeting of December 2011.  Occupy Ottawa was there.  CRAPO made a donation to Occupy Ottawa through Michelle Milotte and David Lanthier, following a resolution. 


A discussion ensued on how to get more members of the general public to sign the “Protect Public Services” petition.


Attempt to recruit volunteers to meet with MPs.



  1. Day of Action on March 1.  Angèle went over the scheduled activities and logistical details.  Flags sporting the logo “Standing together for public services” will be on display.  Each zone will make arrangements to gather photos of the event.  Each local will come out in front of their buildings.  Each zone will be responsible for its own organization.  Tracts will be distributed.  The CAPE and PIPSC will be present in some locations at the local level.  Bruno suggested that the tract contain the PIPSC and CAPE logos.  CRAPO will send an e-mail to this effect to PSAC Communications.


  1. Petition to give to federal MPs


Chantal has volunteered to get the machine rolling with Larry Rousseau tomorrow.


Angèle stated that the petition was not a resounding success, seeing that public servants were afraid of being targeted for workforce adjustment.  In her view, the MPs would be open to the idea. 


  1. Stop Harper – Discussion on the usefulness of the theme and the ideas that help get it across.


T-shirts for sale.

Free stickers

Free buttons

Stephen Harper hates me buttons

Approach the OAC

Life-sized posters


A question was raised on the relevance of wearing stickers or buttons in the workplace.  Before going ahead, test it out on a target group.  Consider college and university students (or another group based on the mobilization under way), and at the same time, a sample of public servants.


Karl Lafrenière will approach the Coughlin Company for prices and an initial production to run a test.  He will also approach Louise Patrice for her contacts with the FTQ.


Be it resolved that $400 be contributed in cash or in Stop Harper products to the March 8 activity.

Moved by Chantal, seconded by Alain, Unanimously adopted


  1. Budget

The Promotional items budget line will be changed to read Stop Harper promotional items.


  1. Virtual citizen assembly by Nycole Turmel tomorrow at 7 p.m.


Since there were no further items on the agenda, the minutes were adopted on the spot and the meeting was adjourned.