Election to Alternate REVP-NCR position

Election to Alternate REVP-NCR position

PSAC is conducting an election for a new Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President for the NCR.

The following nominations for the position of PSAC Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President, NCR were received by the deadline of November 15, 2018. PSAC has verified these nominations to ensure that they are in good order.

The declared candidates are (listed in order of the receipt of their nomination):

1.            Alex Silas

2.            David Lanthier 

3.            Denis Roy

4.            Chantal Fortin

These candidates will have until November 30th, 2018 to campaign for the postion.

The election will be conducted in the JK Wyllie Boardroom at PSAC Headquarters (233 Gilmour Street) on December 1st. There will be an all-candidate’s debate at 9:30 am. Following the debate and a short break, the election will start at 10:45 am.

If you wish to submit questions for the all-candidates debate, please send them to: REVPelectionsVPER@psac-afpc.com

Eligible members to vote in this election are those members who were delegates to the 2017 NCR Regional Convention on the day of the vote and who remain members in good standing of our union. A simple majority of the votes cast will be required to determine the winner of the election.

More information concerning this election is contained in the attached document.

I look forward to seeing you on December 1st.

In solidarity,


Magali Picard