The nominees have contributed, as strong advocates, for the advancement of human rights in a substantial manner, particularly for the five identified groups. The nominees’ actions relate to a specific issue addressed at a specific time or to ongoing issues, at the national, provincial, regional or municipal level (within the NCR). The actions undertaken have produced a positive and lasting impact on a disadvantaged individual from each of the five groups of persons or to a whole community and have improved their access and/or enjoyment of goods and services.


The nominees should work for a Federal Department, Crown Corporation or Agency, regardless of their occupation and level of responsibility. They have overcome obstacles and taken exceptional steps to achieve greater inclusion and fairness in the employment and treatment of members in the workplace, going beyond their assigned duties and responsibilities. They are recognized by their peers for their positive, respectful attitude toward and/or about race and/or disability and equality/diversity in general. Their dealings with employees, colleagues, clients, partners and stakeholders make the workplace and the federal public service a better place to work.


The nominees are community volunteers who have demonstrated leadership, dedication and commitment to equality and social justice objectives in a constant manner. They have worked at the community level, striving to build bridges, establish dialogue among community players to promote the rights and well-being of socially disadvantages and marginalized groups, especially members of the five equity groups.


The nominees are PSAC members (past or present) including employees of the PSAC who have demonstrated leadership, commitment to equality and justice, volunteerism and dedication to unionism in the workplace, the community, nationally or internationally.


The award nomination process is open to all individuals of all ages, origins and conditions. The nominees must satisfy the description of the relevant category and must have resided or operated in the National Capital Region in the last year preceding the nomination. The actions, initiatives submitted must be verifiable. Members of the selection committee are not authorized to nominate any individual. The selection committee could be composed of one member from the various committees (organizers) and member(s) from community group.