I ♡ fair negotiations

The government has rigged the collective bargaining process

With the passing of Bill C-4 into law, the Conservative government has set the groundwork to attack the pay, benefits, and working conditions that we have collectively fought for and won over the last 40 years. Bill C-4 severely:

• weakens the collective bargaining process by allowing the government to unilaterally prevent workers from striking, with no mechanism for review by a neutral third party, and

• rigs the contract arbitration process to favour the government’s position by forcing arbitrators to prioritize the government’s budgetary priorities over the principle of fair compensation.

Most collective agreements are expiring this summer

As a unionized public service worker, you have an important role to play in ensuring your union’s success in fighting against these unfair changes to the collective bargaining process. The government may have incredible financial resources and the power to legislate, but we have the power of numbers.

We can negotiate a strong, new contract, as long as we stick together

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